Solenoid valve 50/75/072/133 with solenoid 05/DC/024/3

Mode of action with amplifier
Diameter (DN), mm 50
Operating pressure range, MPа 0...7,5
Pressure difference for valve ∆P, MPа 0,6...7,5
Type of pipeline’s joint with valve 2” ANSI B16,5 class 600
Normal position valve normally closed
Impermeability class А
Ambient temperature, °С -40...+60
Fluid temperature, °С -40...+100
Coil voltage, V 24±10% DC
Capacity, W 20
Duty rating, % 100
Size, mm 341х254,5х315
Mass, kg 32


Optional modules:

Valve position indicator


  • air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, inert gas, gaseous hydrocarbons (propane, butane, methane and mix)