Modern production is situated on 2500 square meters and includes:

Blank preparation section

Units of this section allow performing high-accuracy shape cutting of ferrous and nonferrous flat and its alloys with thickness to 160 microns using oxy-fuel gas cutting. German high-torque ac electronic motors and digital follow-up drive provide the conveyance speed of portal machine to 18 m/min at high dynamic characteristics of contouring motion in tracing the boundary.

CNC machines include 40 units. This equipment allows to make a wide range of parts, treat composite surfaces with high repeatability and accuracy 7-9 grades, surface roughness to 1,6 microns.

There is also turning equipment produced by Mazak and Hardinge, milling equipment by Hardinge.

Compact and precise turning machines with excellent combination of technological capabilities allow performing all kinds of turning: outside surface turning, profile turning, hole making and hole boring, grooving, screw cutting, hole reaming. Using setting devices allow to machine parts of different shapes. Machines can work in automatic mode thanks to installed fishing and grabbing tools for finished products.

There is also turning equipment with power-driven tool allowing to perform off-axis drilling and turning processing including circular and helical interpolation, thread-milling.

Turning is performed by triaxial vertical machining centers equipped by the fourth swiveling axis. It allows to machine a part from several directions in only one setting of a part. At the same time the precise location of components is kept and production time is saved. Multiple jug using also save production time a lot, especially while machining of small parts. Our CNC machines have modern cutting tools equipped by plates of hard alloy metal that allow us to use the capabilities of our equipment in full, reduce machine time, improve manufacturing technology significantly, decreasing a number of operations.

Site of electromagnetic drives

Numerical control winding machines are used for spooling of solenoids. These machines can spool by wires with different wire sections, different pace, different coil shapes.

Semi-automatic welding in an atmosphere of shielding gases is used to weld valve parts as well as welding consumables produced by ESAB.

Laser beam marking system and dot peen device allow marking different signs, technical characteristics, serial number in automatic mode.

Our company has its own main and auxiliary storage areas. Storage areas of finished products allow us to keep more than 1000 products units in reserve. Location and packaging mode provides accepting, storing and delivering of products to customers operatively.

We use stainless steel to produce our products. Stainless steel products work longer, they are resistant to corrosion, have high resistance to aggressive fluids and high temperatures. They also have aesthetic advantages over other metals and alloys using in valves industry.

Our production

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