We are well-wishing. We are ready to assist to well-being of others (we mean well to other persons). We listen and try to understand a viewpoint of each person. We are polite and respectful to our colleagues.

The necessity

We believe that kindness helps in communication with partners and colleagues and creates an atmosphere of new ideas. Primarily try to understand and only then to be understood. In order to achieve it we should understand that we comprehend the person.

Honesty and fairness

We consider that being honest and fair to other people is a crucial issue of our work. We keep our word and do not accept a “dreamy” lie. We follow the policy of informational openness. We do not accept the thieving and betrayal of corporate interests.

The necessity

Lie and absence of information waive responsibility and destroy credibility. If an information is not provided to the employee he will “dig and delve” either in wrong way or too deep or shallow. It slowing down the progress. The employee with lack of the full information cannot take the responsibility. Whereas the employee holding the necessary information has no choice but bear the full responsibility. Betrayal and slander are unacceptable. It's inadmissible to declare something face-to-face but later to do the very opposite to early declared. We ought to be able to acknowledge our downsides and the fact that the process of developing has not been achieved the required level. If we are honest to ourselves then other people will be ready to listen to us when we are honest to them. To be honest is often inconvinent but when you are honest to somebody, you have a concern if he may get all the necessary information and handle the situation.

Trust and responsibility

We trust in each other and esteem our coligues' reliance.We judge by integrity and sincerity of our colleagues. We timely meet our obligations and take measures forahead to mitigate the consequences of our possible mistakes.

The necessity

Trust is the basic social principle of our companies values. Many aspects of our business depend on the social factor. It is imposible to forsee and specify all the procedures and ways of behaviors. Every employee makes personally decisions having impact on the whole business. If we do not trust in somebody we block the creative potential of that person and consiquently the develepment of the business. The person tends to conform to the level the collegues anticipate from him. Responsibility is an important condition of trust. If we trust to each other we have a hope that our colegue does not let us down and timely lives up to his promise. Irresponsibility destroys the trust and block the business development. The absence of fear to be punished is an important condition of the responsibility. An affable working climate where mistakes can be admitted and you know that you won't be oppressed by others helps you to admit the fact that it is you who made the failure. The best way to accept yourself guilty: "I am sorry, probably I have mistaken but there is a way out of the situation we turned to be in by my fault". Admission of personal responsibility for your own mistakes allows you to open up your new capabilities. Responsible person always foresees and thinks over the pessimistic scenario and takes measures to mitigate the consequences. Responsible person always analyzes how his work activity influences on his colegues.


We are a team associated with common goals. We develop cooperative relationships, tend to solve the issues in mutually beneficial way in the interests of the company.

The necessity

The result of our work depends on every employee of the company. Every employee plays his own role. Coordinated actions, feeling of support and commitment to team results allow us to achieve a success. The relationships in our team are constructed on the basis of mutual trust, confidence and assistance.

Customer focus

We acknowledge the fact that the only funding source of our company is a client. We are tending to deliver upon the expectations of our clients in full extent.

The necessity

Nevertheless, the business is doing for money. Meeting the expectations of our client stimulates him to cooperate with our company again. If we do not meet his expectations, the client will bring his money to another company, and consequently we will have nothing and lose. We do not have an alternative way. It is the client who decides if we stay afloat or don't. We should apply all the efforts to understand the real requirements of our client. If we provide to the client the not quite the product to be done – it's not the client's fault to explain his requirements in poor extent, but ours - because we applied not enough efforts to understand him. We must foresee the client's needs.


We set goals and always try to achieve them. Only by setting and achieving the goals the company may operate and be developed. We plan our work and keep reporting on the results of our work.

The necessity

A ship that doesn't know where to sail will never have a fair wind. Only when you set a goal you can achieve it. The company that does not set the goals degrades and goes out of business. The company that does not achieve the goals lose its potential and goes out of business.


We are constantly increasing the quality of production process, knowledge, skills, relationship and company operation as a whole. We welcome an initiative.

The necessity

The Russia is increasingly being integrated into world-wide market. Ten years ago we had the only one foreign competitive company. Now we compete with ten companies and in a decade we will have to compete with all the significant ones. The quality of our products is behind of world analogues. To increase the quality of the products we ought to improve the business as a whole: technologies, engineering, quality of communication and decision making, staff professional skills, etc. Perfection in all the fields will afford us an opportunity to go through and develop.


We all are tending to make a qualitative product at our own working place, in other words, the product that either colleague or client easy to work with. Regardless of whether it is performance summary, drawing or test bench. We are tending to make our processes reliable, effective and easy to understand.

The necessity

Quality is a compliance with the clients' expectations. The clients can be either internal (incompany) or external. Internal clients are the colleagues applying your operation results in their working activity.


We deploy available resources in full extend (working time, equipment, materials, etc.). We encourage the colleagues' skills development.

The necessity

Worldwide increased competition causes the deficit of resources, and consequently increase of resources cost. If the resources are expensive then the financial outcome on resources should be high, i.e. labour capacity should be highly effective. There is no profit without good labour capacity. There is no business without profit. Profit is company's estimation determined by market. Absence of profit means that our work and activity inefficient and any reasons based on external circumstances and troubles would not shield from failure. And on the contrary the fact that the company has a profit means it has the resource of development, capable to keep and provide comfortable working places, good salary, convenient conditions for personal creative fulfilment of employees as well as attractive investment conditions for shareholders.